Our story

Ghaiath Altrabulsi - CEO of Aqar

I have been living in Sweden for the last 5 years. During COVID lockdown, I started considering to come to Dubai. So, while I am checking Linkedin and news, I found a rage on the property portals in Dubai, where I was able to identify three main pains in the market.

1- Property portals are unacceptably increasing prices, and agencies must take some actions to avoid monopoly.

2- Some real estate agencies are trying to develop their own portal, where other agencies have objected to that due to the conflict of interest.

3- Investors, agents, home buyers, and tenants need to visit a few websites to find all property listings in the market.

In response to these three points, Aqar offers:

1- Agencies now can publish all their property listings for free forever.

2- Aqar is a neutral and independent portal that does not accept investment from agencies.

3- Aqar aims to have all listings in the market in one place to make the life of all stakeholders much easier by checking only one platform.

How Aqar makes income?

All listings are 100% free forever on Aqar; so, once Aqar gets enough traffic, we will run ads on our portal to generate some income that supports our operation; however, it remains free forever for all agency listings, 100% guaranteed.